Our Leaders
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The Leadership of the Church consists of the Elders, Deacons, and Minister.  The
Elders are the spiritual overseers of the ministry of this church. They are viewed as
the wiser and the most spiritually mature men who, under God's guidance, lead the
church. (I Timothy 3, Titus 1:5-9)  The Deacons are also servants who work in
various aspects of the ministry of the church, under the guidance of the Elders.
Howard Davis, Elder
Howard has been an Elder for many years.
He also serves as the Church treasurer and
custodian. He is always willing to work
wherever he is needed
Keith Summers, Elder
Keith is a devoted elder at Bristol Christian
Church.  Keith is a quiet and compassionate
leader for Gods people in his Church.
Darrell Hayes, Deacon
Darrell better known as
"Doobie" has been a
deacon for many years.
Doobie takes care of all the
cookin' for celebrations and
special meals.
Glenn O'Neal, Deacon
Glenn is a devoted servant
of God and has served on
the camp board, and as a
member of Florida
Christian College's board.
Dexter is in charge of most of
the renovation projects that
we undertake at the church.
He has been a deacon for
many years and is a willing