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1921-1924 In 1921, there was a revival meeting held by evangelist Roud Shaw...July 19,1921--Aug.
3rd. Shaw's previous revival had been in 1916, this one in 1921 was also acclaimed as one of the
greatest. April 1923, Bro. J.A. Harpe became minister Under his ministry, the church progressed for he
was a great worker. During his ministry, a series of revival meetings were held by C.I. Organ, with
singer Curtis S. Hayes. Bro. Harpe was compelled to leave us the first of February 1924.
1931-1941 December 6, 1931 action was taken by the church board to have the church building
moved over a bit on the same property making room for a gas service station, to be rented for the
financial benefit of the church. S.P. Fairchild was to tend to this matter. In 1935, after the time of the
bad storm in Bristol, we learn further about the service station The funds gained from the station were
to supplement pastor Wm. H. Wilson's salary. Elwood Long was in charge of the station. Later in
February of 1942, the church board authorized the continuance of the station's business. The station
being a business did prove a hindrance to the effectiveness of the church program. Thence, in 1948 the
board took action to have the building removed from our property, being sold to the highest bidder for
$150.00. Beginning December 30, 1931, the Bristol Church enjoyed a 14 day revival held by O.K.
Cull and Curtis S. Hayes (singing evangelist). The two worked together to re-organize the Bible School
and create much interest among the old members. January of 1932, E.T.Menshew was called to be
minister of the congregation In October of this same year, there was a well remembered tornado
blowing right down the path of the present highway 20. Among the damages was our church building
being turned over and crushed by the storm's force. A business meeting was called Nov. 4, and the
following business was attended to:
(1) Discontinue preaching until a church was erected.
(2) To have a parsonage vacated and hold Sunday School there until church building was
Much of the material from the damaged building was used to build a smaller building. The damaged
building was large with three rows of pews and two isles. The new building built with the salvaged
materials from the original building was smaller with a center isle and two rows of pews. In January
1934, the church had a revival held by William H. Wilson. Wilson's ministry started sometime during
this period. In May of 1939, there was a significant business meeting. A committee was appointed to go
to Tallahassee about making the church tax free. The time of the preaching service was decided as
follows: Lord's day morning and evening of 1st and 5th week. Lord's Supper was to be served every
Lord's Day. A social was planned with Tallahassee for June 29th at Duggar's bath house on Lake
Mystic.1948 J.W. McAdams became our minister. He and his wife came to us from Tallahassee. August
15-22 of 1948, O.K. Cull preached a revival meeting. At this time he gave a $10.00 gift to the church.
This money was later used to pay for flowers at a funeral.
1951-1956 In August of 1951, Carl L. Cooper of Savannah, Ga. Preached a revival. There were 5
additions and much interest aroused. Mr. Cooper was young but a very good speaker. He was called
back the next year of 1952 for another revival. At his second revival, Miss Joyce Click helped with
religious chalk drawings. In August of 1953, L.K. Alexander of Bainbridge held a revival. The church
officers decided that until further plans be made, Bro. Alexander would preach on Thursday night of
each week. This same year, definite action was taken and committees appointed for the purpose of
erecting a new church building immediately. Everyone present was in favor of this idea. However, the
new building failed to ever be a reality. In 1956 there was improvement work done on the building.
Among the improvements was the addition of 2 Bible School rooms, two bathrooms and a new pulpit
area. A dedication service was held in connection with the Homecoming program on October 28, 1956.
Fleming Fraley, pastor of the church,. invited Jake Thomas of Live Oak to give the dedication address
which was enjoyed by all. Dinner on the ground followed the service.
1960During Roscoe Mann's ministry of 1960, an evangelist meeting was held by Howard Mackery and
John Von Spreckelsen as song evangelist. There were 4 addition: 3 by transfer and one by baptism.
Decision cards were signed indicating: 29 re-dedication, 21 pledge to tithe (only 4 designated tithing
before) and 2 life recruits.
Bonds were sold to raise the money for the church building. Jerry Butler drew up the plans for the
church and they were approved by the congregation. Work began on the new building with the men
digging the footing and marking it off. The pouring of the footing was hired out. Block laying was
hired out. Dirt was brought in by county crews free of charge. The men of the congregation packed and
leveled the dirt but the pouring of the floor was hired out. The men only worked on Saturdays but work
seemed to move swiftly! The men then put wall studs up and laid out the actual floor plan. When this
was finished and leveled, they hired a crew to put up the trusses and decking. The first job was poorly
done so we demanded and got a better job for no extra charge. A local man roofed the church. Our men
put the shingles on the roof for him. The congregation chose the brick color and roof color. Next, the
pebble board went up all around the walls and doors and windows took form. Purlings were nailed
throughout the church...lots of them!
Fall 1974 Wiring is the process of being done. Pulpit area wall is being worked on. Front and back
glass doors are now put in.
August 10 the steeple was put up.
Aug. 17 women cooked fish and had dinner on the grounds for the working men.
Aug. 23 the cross was put on the steeple by Cecil Taylor. A decorating committee has decided on rich
royal blue for the pew seats. The pew style was selected by the congregation. A baptistery has been
ordered and is on the way. The carillon has been ordered for the steeple to be paid for from a special
love offering, apart from the regular building fund. A stove was bought at a real bargain for the
Sept. 8 The window frames were set in the sanctuary. They were made by Cecil Taylor. Claude Cross
and Howard Davis set them in. Dexter Barber and Glen O'Neal put in the windows along the back wall.
The pulpit area floor was begun. Jerry Butler and Glen O'Neal began work on wiring.
Sept. 14 & 21 the windows were almost finished. All are now ready to set in.
Sept 14 Cecil Taylor went up to the top of the steeple to straighten the cross
Sept. 22 plans are now being made to hire the brick mason.
Sept 19 the decorating committee selected a baby blue for the carpet.
Sept. 14 & 21 the women took dinner to the men at the church...real fellowship.
October 5 wooden doors are set in and given 1 coat of paint. The baptistery moved into the church.
Batter board on the west side is up. We dug down to the foundation on the west side to prepare for
brick man to start Mon. Oct. 7, 1974.
Nov. Brick has been laid. Insulation is almost complete.
April 6, 1974..Outside is almost finished. Still need to put up pillars to porch and a little more painting
of eaves. Septic tanks need completing. Sheetrock finished in the Sunday School wing. Sheetrock is up
on sanctuary ceiling but needs to be blown. Wiring is almost complete. We now have power turned on.
Paneling for Sanctuary was ordered yesterday. Carpet is here but not down yet. The baptistery is in
place and stair casing to it is built. Sidewalk, steps and porches are all laid. The sign frame has been
built by the brick mason.
April 20...Halls and Sunday School rooms paneled, Doug Brookins' (preacher) office as well. Indirect
lighting boxes are on one wall. The sheet rock is finished. Mansel Revell died while we were building
the church. It was not far along enough for us to have his funeral in it. However, the carillon was in and
we set it to play for the first time just prior to his funeral which was held in the old building.
Aug. 2, 1975 FIRST EVENT IN THE NEW CHURCH: Myers Ann Shuler and Chuck Robert's
wedding and reception was held. Lovely!! Folding chairs were needed for seating as pews had not yet
arrived. Very Happy occasion.
Aug. 31, We had our first Sunday service in the new church. Flowers were placed in every Sunday
School room and no one knew where they came from! Ferns sat at the end of both piano and organ.
White arrangements were on the piano and organ. A yellow spring arrangement was in the front of the
pulpit. Choir led by Joe Lathem sang "The Old Rugged Cross" for the opening anthem and "How Great
Thou Art" as a special.
March 76, Light fixtures in the pulpit are not in. Nursery bathroom not in...baptistery heating system
not in. Need fans in the bathrooms. When these are finished we can dedicate the building.