About Us
About Our Church

We are a non-denominational congregation seeking to restore New Testament
Christianity.  We accept the Bible as the full and final revelation of the will of God to
man. Thus we use Bible names for Bible things, seeking to give them the same
meaning the Bible gives them.  We do not claim to be the only Christians; rather, we
are Christians only, choosing to wear the name that honors our Lord Jesus Christ. Our
plea is for the unity of all Christians. This can only become a reality if the Bible alone is
used as our guide.  We have no creed but Christ; no rule of faith and practice but the
Bible; and we practice only the ordinances commanded by Jesus.  The New Testament
reveals the Lord's Supper as being the central theme of worship of the early church.
Therefore, we also observe weekly communion in remembrance of Christ. The other
areas of worship include Preaching the Word, Singing of Hymns, Christian Fellowship,
and Prayer. We strive to conduct our services that all might be led to a closer
relationship with Christ.  Persons seeking membership must comply with the simple
terms as found in the Scriptures. Believers are immersed into Christ and then may
place their membership with our congregation. Those already immersed from other
congregations may simply transfer their membership.
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