Service Opportunities
Service Opportunities

Listed below are just a few of the Service Opportunities provided at Bristol Christian Church. If you
would like to serve in any of these areas please notify the contact person listed below the service.
Dorcas Group
The women of our congregation have
formed groups named after Dorcas in the
Bible who served others gladly. These
groups minister to families during the loss
of a loved one or during an extended
Communion Meditation
(Keith Summers)
The Lord's Supper is served each Sunday
at Bristol Christian Church. The men of the
congregation bring the Communion
Meditation to focus our thoughts on the
sacrifice of our Lord, Jesus Christ.
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Sunday School Teacher
(Howard Davis)
The Christian education of our children is
very important to us.  If you are interested in
this ministry please see Howard.
Ladies Ministry
(Jill Davis)
The ladies of the congregation have an active
ministry.  Areas of ministry are hospital
ministry, holiday preparations, parties,
special children's programs, etc.
Nursery and Jr. Church
(Gabra Barber)
A nursery service is provided each Sunday
during morning Worship Service for children
birth-3 years. Couples volunteer to take turns
serving in this ministry.
Praise Team
(Vanell Summers)
In an effort to enhance our worship
experience we have recently formed a Praise
Team who will help lead the music service
each Sunday. If you would like to participate
please see Vanell Summers.
(Michael McCaskill)
Bristol Christian Church has a beautiful
Choir.  If you would like to participate in
upcoming performances please contact
Michael McCaskill.